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Welcome to Airtime Vendor App

Airtime Vendor is an airtime selling app that moves away from the conventional way of selling airtime. Anyone can sell airtime without stocking a pile of physical denomination.With the Airtime Vendor App you can sell any provider's airtime virtually from your smart phone.

You can directly topup a client's prepaid phone without printing a pin voucher. If you own a tuckshop and need printed vouchers , you can print the vouchers using a portable POS printer which you can acquire from us. The optional printer comes with a rechargeable lithium battery , enabling you to carry it anywhere.

Download the Airtime Vendor Android App from the Google Play Store.

What do we offer ?

The Airtime Vendor App

The Airtime Vendor App is now available in the google playstore. Download the Android App and register on this website or directly in the app. Once you register , you need to deposit some funds to start selling airtime anytime anywhere.

Start up Airtime

Depending on the start up package you choose , you can can start selling airtime from R500 , R1000 , R1500 ,R2500 , R3500 and more. We can get you going you started immediately.Register now to start selling airtime anytime anywhere.

Optional Portable POS Printer

The portable POS printer is optional as you can sell airtime by directly topping up the clients phone. This portable printer is meant for tuckshop and street vendors who need to sell airtime and print the PIN. This printer is a portable rechargeable POS printer which you can take anywhere to sell airtime. It connects to your mobile device using bluetooth to print the airtime vouchers.

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